Love in Action audiobook (mp3s) by John Records

Love in Action audiobook (mp3s)

Love in Action is your operating system for a better life, and a better world

What's included?

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Love in Action Mastered Part 1 .mp3
29 mins
Love in Action Mastered Part 2 .mp3
31 mins


What's in this audiobook?

This is the complete text of the paperback version of Love in Action, read aloud by the author John Records. You'll learn:
  • the truth about love
  • the answer to suffering and despair
  • how to build a more loving world
  • the one magic word that we all know but many have forgotten
  • how to love yourself
  • the best way to heal yourself
  • how to take care of your painful feelings
  • strategies to support others
  • how it's ok to enjoy your life
  • how to bring more love into your relationships and work
  • why to risk breaking your heart
  • how to deal with difficult people and situations
  • why it's ok to make mistakes and how to handle yours
  • how there's more to being in love than you might imagine
  • easy practices to invite love to radiate through you into the world
  • and more!

What if I want a more in-depth exploration of Love in Action?

Check out the online Love in Action video course. It's very comprehensive, and includes 45 videos.

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